FICCI’s 15th Annual Insurance Conference seeks to provide a platform for Insurance industry stakeholders to work out an industry road map, and help unleash the true potential of the Indian Insurance sector.
The Conference, through extensive survey based research undertaken by FICCI along with our Knowledge Partners, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and McKinsey & Company, for Life Insurance and Non-life Insurance respectively, will highlight areas of industry performance and benchmarking vis-à-vis channel productivity, insurance penetration, process efficiency, fraud prevention and management and other pertinent areas.
Why attend
Obtain updates from government and regulator
Interact with the policy makers & practitioners on the key issues and challenges
Understand various business strategies and models
Exclusive report presentations on Life Insurance and Non Life Insurance by Knowledge Partners
Thursday – October 24, 2013
Inaugural Session
Plenary Session I- Pension Reforms and NPS
Parallel Sessions
Valedictory Session

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Nidhi Tomar
Federation House, 1 Tansen Marg
New Delhi 110001
Telephone: +91-11-23487324, 23357246

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