Winning team – PreCog
Members – Neha Gupta, Megha Arora, Paridhi Jain (L-R)
Institute – IIIT-Delhi
Concept – Safe Safari
Category of the concept – Technology & Citizen Service

winner women safety in India contest by FICCI
‘Safe Safari’ talks about safeguarding female traveler through below two applications –

Safe Google Maps
It intendeds to be an extension to Google Maps which can be build using minimal computational resources. This application will include all possible routes from one place to another where each route is given a risk score with marking of vulnerable/ insecure areas, police stations along with indication of time and distance of travel. This can help the female traveller to judge safer routes.

Auto Track on Request
Where none of the possible routes between two locations, is completely secure, it gives the female traveller an option to request tracking by a Central Monitoring System (CMS). The female traveller would communicate the intended insecure Google Map route, her name, and an emergency contact to CMS. She would then activate GPS on her mobile device/vehicle or would ask the public transport driver to active GPS on his vehicle. CMS would monitor the female till she reaches her destination. Any long halts or deviation of the traveller’s GPS trace from the intended insecure Google Map route, would alert the traveller with information of the nearest police station and send an SMS to the emergency contact given by her.

FICCI is organising a two day conference “Homeland Security 2013 – Safe and Secure Nation” on July 23-24, 2013 at FICCI, New Delhi. The objective of this programme is to raise awareness, discuss challenges of Safe and Secure Nation and explore possibilities of using technology in mitigating these challenges. More details about the event can be seen here.

The need of the hour is to anchor effective counter strategy encompassing intelligence reforms, police reforms, and legal reforms. More so, in the light of rising incidents of crime against women during the 2011, it is time that we think of newer solutions. And, who better to seek ideas from than our future generation of thought leaders. FICCI wishes to engage with the student community in its endeavor to synthesize innovative ideas on strengthening our nation.

We at FICCI are pleased to announce “Strengthening the Policing Contest 2013 – Women Safety in India” – a contest for students from colleges and universities across India.

Contest Rules Register Online or Download Registration Form

Contestants are required to come up with creative and innovative ideas for securing a safe environment for women. These ideas may be in the field of governance, policies, legislation, technology, citizen interface, or any other area where the contestants believe that improvements are needed. For instance, a leading IT company developed a mobile application called FightBack meant for women’s safety that sends SOS alerts from the user’s phone and uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS, email and Facebook account to inform the user’s dear ones in case she is in danger. Delhi police has also started an initiative called ‘Parivatran’ which encourages citizens to cooperate with the authorities in cases involving violence against women.

Participation in this contest will not only allow putting their creativity to task, it will also expose them to a real world situation with a burning issue at hand and challenge them to strike a delicate balance between theory and practice.

Last date for receiving entries is July 01, 2013.The contest is over now

The winners would be awarded and will also get an opportunity to present their ideas at FICCI Homeland Security 2013 Conference.  This conference will be attended by industry leaders, policymakers, state police officials, paramilitary forces and other stakeholders.   

Image Source: Newyorker

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